Carnac and the pyramid plan


This outstanding talk by Howard Crowhurst is a major breakthrough in understanding ancient architecture and proves a relationship between the megaliths in Carnac and the pyramids.


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We learn how the Great Pyramid’s orientation takes into account the size of the Earth and how all the Ancient Empire pyramids were positioned geometrically from the Heliopolis obelisk in Northeast Cairo. The fundamental measurement used was the metre length. However unbelievable this may seem, absolute proof of this is shown on an incredible scale. As Napoleon said, “History is a lie that no-one questions”. The precision involved is stunning and totally confounds all existing theories on how and why the pyramids were built. There is so much new information in this talk that it will change the way we consider our forgotten past. If you’ve been waiting for paradigm changing knowledge, this is it. If you haven’t, then tread carefully.